Carla de Oliveira

Orgasmic Therapy for Women

An empowering Brazilian therapy for an orgasmic life

Orgasmic therapy originates from Brazil and I’m excited to be the first to bring it to Rome.
In this work we will be awakening your sexual energy and expand your orgasmic awareness: Orgasmic energy is a powerful ally in healing sexual and emotional blocks.
Connecting with your body clears the way, removes the blockages that hold you back. Orgasmic Therapy facilitates higher states of consciousness, happiness and plenitude.

Discover more than you thought was possible for you!

  • Reconnect with sensory and orgasmic pleasure;
  • Boost pleasure hormones like endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin;
  • Experience full body and multiple orgasms;
  • How to increase sexual energy;
  • Recalibrate and channel sexual energy;
  • Expand your consciousness

What to expect before your first session?

A key element of Orgasmic Therapy is the activation of your body’s own bioelectricity, achieved through a delicate full body massage that activate sexual energy and paves the way for profound, full body orgasms.

Wholly therapeutic

Orgasmic Therapy is not an erotic practice. My work is therapeutic, I work fully clothed wearing gloves where necessary, upholding the highest bio- safety standards.

Note – Refrain from booking if you’re pregnant, have heart disease, untreated hypertension or active mental health conditions. I offer orgasmic therapy only to women over the age of 18.

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Happy clients

"I felt like a different person once the session was over and couldn’t wait to do it again. After the second time I was hooked because I felt the changes right away. Now I’m a regular client and I recommend her to all my friends."


"Carla not only helped me overcome sexual trauma and insecurity, she also taught me how to love my body. Thank you Carla for your tenderness and patience. Something that was once a problem for me, is now a source of strength."


"A unique experience, a flow of energy through my entire body - goosebumps! It helped me rediscover sexual ecstasy and relax my mind. Breathtaking."


"Concentrating my attention on the most sensitive areas and energy points helped me to intensify and expand the feelings of pleasure. I felt total abandonment."


"Professionalism and empathy. I felt heat, love, connection and power."


"I experienced a rebirth of joy, courage and inner peace. Today I walk with confidence because I recognise my powers as a woman."


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