Carla de Oliveira

Tantric Remote Energy Healing

Energy-based distance tantric treatments are not well recognized and may be perceived as something magical by the wider public. Tantra is considered an “energy science,” and the energy used in these treatments is powerful and a superior form of distance healing.
These treatments are safe and can help release blockages and improve the flow of energy. The connection is made through the astral-emotional body, which allows any distance barrier to be overcome.
Reiki energy uses only cosmic energy for healing. While remote tantra  energy healing uses prana and cosmic energy as well as the activation of your own sexual energy for healing. Remote Tantric Healing doesn’t have a spatial limitation and it can offer you much more profound and permanent results.
Tantric Remote Energy Healing combines elements of tantra and remote energy healing to promote healing in the body and balance in the mind. It is incredibly beneficial for people going through emotional turmoil such as heart breaks, as it helps balance the heart and its issues.
This can be done remotely and does not require physical presence of the practitioner and the person receiving the healing.

What to expect during your first treatment:

The session consists of a video call where initial counseling and final feedback is given after the treatment. During the session, you will be lying down in order to promote relaxation and prepare your mind and your body to receive the beneficial energies. 
During our session we will search for the underlying reason for the issue and take action to address it. 
We will:
  • Focus on specific areas of the body to promote healing.
  • Work on the chakras, removing any blockages or negative emotions that are stored in the energy field and bringing you to a state of balance. 
  • We will transform any negative energy into a more harmonious energy throughout the body.
The duration of the session is about 1 hour and 15 minutes, including counseling – Come to discover my healing. Whether you’ve recently experienced a heartbreak or you’re trying to recover from the pain of a lost relationship, we’ll find what works best for you.
Note – Refrain from booking if you’re pregnant. Before booking a healing session a video call to assess the suitability of the patient to the treatment is necessary.

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Happy clients

"I felt like a different person once the session was over and couldn’t wait to do it again. After the second time I was hooked because I felt the changes right away. Now I’m a regular client and I recommend her to all my friends."


"Carla not only helped me overcome sexual trauma and insecurity, she also taught me how to love my body. Thank you Carla for your tenderness and patience. Something that was once a problem for me, is now a source of strength."


"A unique experience, a flow of energy through my entire body - goosebumps! It helped me rediscover sexual ecstasy and relax my mind. Breathtaking."


"Concentrating my attention on the most sensitive areas and energy points helped me to intensify and expand the feelings of pleasure. I felt total abandonment."


"Professionalism and empathy. I felt heat, love, connection and power."


"I experienced a rebirth of joy, courage and inner peace. Today I walk with confidence because I recognise my powers as a woman."


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