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Transformational Breath® is a powerful tool to relieve anxiety, manage stress and experience peace.


What makes Transformational Breath® so unique and effective?

Developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz over the past 40 years, this technique combines advanced breathing analysis, the activation acupressure points, simple affirmations and sounds and movements designed to work on all levels of your being:


  • Relieves muscle tension;
  • Increases oxygenation of the body;
  • Stimulates circulation;
  • Detoxifies the lymphatic system;


  • Clears past traumas and dramas;
  • Increases clarity and focus;
  • Boosts self-esteem & joy;


  • Promotes deep states of consciousness, flow and creativity;
  • Connects you with your inner wisdom and true self;
  • Improves meditation and spiritual practices;

How does Transformational Breath® work?

Physically it restores the breathing pattern you were born with, opening you up to the true capacity of your respiratory system. 
Once your breath is open we work on connecting it, meaning we eliminate any pauses between your in- and exhale. This cyclic breath creates energy that vibrates at a high frequency throughout your whole system.
When energies vibrating at different frequencies meet they harmonise, aka entrain. This is great news for anyone looking to release and integrate low vibrational thoughts and feelings.
Yes, it is possible to resolve the ‘issues in your tissues’, clearing them from your subconscious mind and your cellular memory permanently.
Why put off your healing journey? Upgrading your health and your life can begin today!
Note: The Transformational Breath® Foundation has been awarded Best Complementary Medicine Organisation by the Institute of Complementary & Natural Medicine in the UK.

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Happy Clients

“My first experience with Transformational Breath® brought up the words “I'm safe.” I truly wasn’t aware how much fear and anger I had been carrying for years. For the first time my chest feels light.”


“Deep relaxation, light, warm colours with a strong feeling of being cared for, wrapped in bliss and trust, drifting on waves without resistance. A unique, comforting feeling with no room for negativity.”


“Transformational Breath® felt like I was cleansing myself from the inside out.”


“Absolutely transformational. I felt the effects directly on my body. Carla has a warming energy. She can catch you in her wings and make you feel safe. A truly healing journey.”


“Results beyond my expectations. I am experiencing an inner aliveness and lightness right now. I was able to successfully dissolve a heart wall.”


“I could finally get out of my head. I received new memories, images,
insights and feel I have experienced a huge shift in my life. It makes you remember who you really are.”


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